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We have learned through our own hard work, experiences and resources the key elements necessary for small to medium sized medical practices to strive and excel. 

We are a team of practicing physicians, medical billing professionals, coders, administrators and patient health navigators that have been working together to build successful clinics.  Our clinic model focuses on Integrative Primary Care - as a team of multi-disciplinary providers we strive to achieve a 'patient-centered healthcare' model.  We define our success with data, reports and outcomes that demonstrate improved patient health outcomes, patient satisfaction and lowered healthcare costs.  

We created IMHealth to balance the "healthcare business" with the "business of healthcare".  As a clinician your patients are your focus - let us take care of the paperwork, authorizations and billing for you!

We offer a panel of medical administrative services for your health care business needs - inquire below.  We look forward to working with you!


credentialing & contracting

IMHealth provides payer credentialing services to help you get set up quickly and correctly with insurance plans.  Our services include: Adding/Removing a providers, Insurance payer applications, Medicare re-validations, Medicaid re-enrollments, Address updates; Bank updates, and Credentialing maintenance. We also works with CAQH.

claims processing

Let us do the work to get you paid! Our coders will review your charts, ensure you have the correct codes for your work and send through claims to the payer.  We will add the modifiers, scrub the claim and work with patient eligibility to ensure a clean claim is timely paid. 

claims adjudication & Posting

Step 3 with processing your claim for payment! We will decipher your EOBs, correct claims as needed and post information in your practice management system.  We will only write off what is contractual and work through the rest.   


Aging,claims denials & rejections

As your claims are returned we age all claims on a weekly basis.  We work through all claim denials and rejections as they arrive to correct errors from payers as quickly possible to ensure timely return on payment.  We work to maximize your receivables with timely processing.

patient account Management

We will manage patient questions on their bill, EOBs, set up online payment system for patients to pay their bills and send out monthly statements for patients.  We can set up workflows with your front desk and reception to improve eligibility checks and collect all patient payments due at time of service or set up payment plans if necessary.

prior authorizations- diagnostic

Many payers, including Medicare and Medicaid have limitations on the types of services or number of visits for clinics.  IMHealth uses specific Prior Authorization tracking programs to keep up with the number of visits before we apply for an authorization so you can continue to see patients.


medical records

IMHealth will track and manage incoming and outgoing medical records requests.  As well as timely patient self record requests or urgent requests.

Quality Metrics for PMPM and PCPCH/NCQA Certifications

Quality metrics track your patient health along your continuum of care.  As a provider and medical clinic your goal is to demonstrate health improvements for your patients.  IMHealth utilizes Health Dashboards to track specific health metrics and provide these to your payers for PMPM.  We also can apply for your Medical Home status at the State and National level.

EHR Incentive program - 2017 final year to Apply!

Medicaid final year to begin enrollment into the EHR Incentive Program - we can assist you and your clinic to verify that you are eligible and apply on your behalf.


Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.
— Steve Jobs


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