2017 EHR Incentive Program

We Can Help You Apply!

2017 is the last year to begin the application process for the EHR Incentive program. 

IMHEALTH can help confirm that you are ELIGIBLE, help you PREPARE and APPLY for each qualifying year.


ELIGIBLE criteria

  • Are you an Eligible Provider ?
  1. Physicians (MD, DO, ND) - Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopathic Doctor.
  2. Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  3. Dentists
  4. Physician Assistants (PA)
  • Medicaid Patient Volume
  1. Minimum 30% Medicaid patient volume



  • EHR certified for meaningful use
  • Access to OHP provider web portal
  • Access to your NPI portal or I&A

let imhealth get you started!

Step 1- Initial Application                            We will review your credentials, EHR, patient volume that you provide us and ensure that you are eligible to apply.

Initial Application Fee $150

Step 2 - IMHealth Submits your EHR Incentive ApplicationWe will organize your data, patient volume and apply for each year of your EHR Incentive.

Year ONE: 10% of annual your Incentive Payment

Years TWO through FIVE: 15% of your Incentive Payment

An eligible provider can receive a total of $63,750 over the course of six years.