2017 EHR Incentive Program

We will Apply for You!

Oregon Office of IT

2017 is the last year to enroll in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.  This program is designed for your practice to; adopt, implement and upgrade to a certified EHR system. Each year the program aims to improve you and your clinic's use of your EHR with eprescriptions, specialist referrals and clinical outcome measures.

  • Program Last Date to Submit Application: July 31, 2017
  • An eligible provider can receive a total of $63,750 over the course of six years.

IMHealth will confirm that you are eligible for Medicaid volume criteria, collect and organize the data necessary for the application and submit your application.   Each year we will provide summary of the work completed, reports as well as road-map for what you will need for the following year for your clinic to achieve quality care, efficiency and patient safety with meaningful use standards.  These standards must be met in order to receive incentives. Our goal is your success in your program!

Are you Eligible?

Eligible Providers

  • Physicians (ND,MD,DO)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  • Dentists
  • Physician Assistants (PA)

Medicaid Patient Volume

  • Minimum 30% Medicaid patient volume

adopt a certified ehr

  • Adopt,implement or upgrade to or successfully demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology

Let's APPLY!


Initial Application


IMHealth will connect with you directly to discuss the necessary information needed to confirm your program eligibility and patient volume. We will provide a checklist and workflow for us to accurately submit your application. Review and sign our application agreement.

Initial Application Fee $150

EHR Incentive Submission


IMHealth will complete the Oregon EHR Medical Application for you, submit all necessary supporting documents and provide copies of your application submission. Your payment will arrive by mail within 6-12 weeks after submission. IMHealth will apply for your EHR Incentive program each year.

FEES: YEAR ONE: 10% of your annual incentive payment.
YEAR TWO - FIVE: 15% of your incentive payment.

Prepare for 2018


IMHealth will provide a brief summary of your current sumbission and report on metrics that you and your clinic will need to implement for the following year. This is our IMHealth road map for success with the EHR Incentive program.